Rebranding your company is a double-edged sword and Logo Design is the blade. If you do it right, your company will be seen as much more valuable by customers and investors. If you do it wrong, you might be left with no business at all.

We, at Moving Robin made the creation of professional logo design for established businesses our mission. And I can tell you, there is a lot more to logo design than would fit into this article. I will try to cover the most important parts, regardless.

Having a new Logo Design done is a big investment, so you better want to pick the right people to create it. The list below should help you a little bit when you are looking through portfolios.

1. Your Logo Design has to be memorable

In our eyes, this is the absolute number one priority when it comes to logo design. Your logo can be a unique, creative or meaningful as you want to: If nobody can remember it, it’s not worth a damn.

So make sure, that this box is always checked when you look at example logos by design services.

What makes a logo memorable?

The best logos communicate as much as possible with as few vectors as possible.

I like coming back to a yoga mat logo design that I’ve recently seen: It was a lime green dot on a black background. Sometimes with and sometimes without the company name next to it.
Besides it looking a little like a yoga mat from the side (if you interpret it actively, cause it was really just a big, green dot), it was definitely highly memorable for the company’s customers. It was an easy shape, with an unusual colour and it simply stuck out. If you do yoga and you’ve seen it once, you will recognise it again. Brilliant.

2. Does it say the right things to the right people?

It’s good if you like your new logo, but do your customers, too?

A great logo is not just a pretty picture. It’s the one symbol that carries your entire company. It has to communicate what your company does and what it stands for.

Moving Robin creates Logo Design for those who want to Grow.And at the same time it has to communicate these things to the people you want as customers. What does it help if you sell car tires, but it’s stay-at-home mums who really like your logo? Sure they might talk to their car-obsessed husbands (stereotype-alarm) but wouldn’t it better to reach the customer directly?

In order to represent your company best, a professional logo designer has to go through a long line of research about your company, your competition, the market you are in and your target audience.

Get this part wrong and your new logo might cost you all the customers you’ve had so far. Get it right and your can easily tripple your customer base within a few months.

3. Make your Logo Design easily distinguishable from others

This one is almost impossible to be met fully. There are so many logos out there, that it’s a true challenge not to match any of them.

However, the point is, that you should try as well as possible.
Was the yoga mat logo example from above unique? No. It was a green circle. But it spoke to the right people.

Moving Robin creates Logo Design for those who want to Grow.Try to avoid imitating other company logos. It’s fine to get inspired by them, but don’t copy.
Also, many of the very low-price “designers” (Not all of them!) use clip art rather than trying to create a unique logo for you. This should be avoided at any cost as well.

Besides the uniqueness factor, you don’t want to get into any legal fights either. So try to fulfil this point as well as you can.


4. Creativity is cool.

Yes, it’s true. We all love seeing truly creative work. It’s pleasing to our eyes and brains and gives us happy fuzzy tickles.

Moving Robin creates Logo Design for those who want to Grow.

One of the great creativity-points with Logo Design, however, is to communicate as much as possible with as little as possible. So do not make the mistake to judge your designer as uncreative because they have used few elements in the design.

Judge a Logo Designer’s creativity by how much of a company’s soul you can see in their design, even though or especially because they have used as little shapes and elements as possible.

I recently challenged myself to come up with a very quick and dirty idea for a new logo for Quora.
And that’s really what it is. A quick and dirty idea that took 15 minutes to make. And yet: other users loved it. Why? Because there are such few elements and at the same time they could see a question mark, a magnifying glass, a user icon (in the negative space) in the Q. And if you look at the round elements of the logo, it looks like the symbol you see when “somebody is currently writing” a message in a chat.

Moving Robin creates Logo Design for those who want to Grow.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things that I would still improve and work on, in this design. But as I said, the challenge was, to create a first quick idea. And considering that, it got a lot of good reactions.

Why? Because the logo does a lot with very little shapes. It tells a story and shows what Quora stands for.

5. Always keep the size in mind

Yes, sometimes it’s all about the size. For example, when you want to use your logo as profile picture on social media. Or when you have to print it on a billboard.

There are three main things you have to think of, when it comes to the logo’s size:

  1. The logo design should fit into a square without too much blank space on any size. At least if you only use the symbol. Why? Because most social media profile pictures are square these days.
  2. Coming back to the topic of easy shapes: How easily can you recognise the logo design on an app button? How about you put it into 16x16pixels (Look at this website’s tab in your browser. There’s our logo in 16x16pixels)? How easy is it to embroider the logo on a shirt? And can people still recognise it, when it’s printed on a business card? Very easy shapes make this easier.
  3. If you want to print your logo in billboard size or on a banner, you have to have it as a vector graphic. If your designer gives you your logo as a pixel graphic, they aren’t only unprofessional, but they basically take all your chances of scaling the logo design to any size imaginable. Pixels look horrible, once the image is to big. Vectors can be scaled to any size.

6. Be prepared to pay good money for a great designer

If you spend 50€ on a designer, that means that this designer has to work on 19 other logo designs in that month alone, just to nourish their body with ramen and white bread.

You don’t want the most important symbol of your company to take up only 1/20 of your designer’s work attention!

Logos vary from 50€ to a couple of 100.000€. What you can and should afford, should be determined by the scale of risk you get into, having to print new signs, business cards and other advertisement material that includes your new logo design. In plain English: It depends on how big your company is and how much you risk, by getting a cheap logo designer.

Moving Robin creates Logo Designs for established companies that want to grow and invest. We create logos that don’t only raise the perceived value of your company, but also the return you get for your investment.
Therefore, please consider our portfolio in your search for an excellent Logo Design for your company! You’ve put so much into building your company. Don’t let the most important symbol of it be the point where you save in quality.

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November 16, 2017

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