1 Don’t fix what isn’t broken when you rebrand your company

Rebranding carries a high chance of confusing your existing audience. Therefore you should consider very well, if the risk is worth it. If you find that your main issues are a few little leaks, you might be able to avoid a rebrand all together.

2 Your company’s Core Message is key

What change does your company make in the world? How do your services move people’s lives? Who do you market to? If you are able to formulate the answers to those questions in one simple sentence you are on the save side when you rebrand your company.

3 Give your company brand a Story

All humans have one thing in common: No matter where they are from, what religion they belong to, what skin colour they have or what’s their political agenda. We all love stories. If you can tell your company’s story and have a branding expert wove it into the fabric of your company’s new brand identity, you will be a big step ahead. Just remember: Don’t try to make everybody happy with your story. Always keep your target audience in mind.

4 Rebrand for your target audience, not for yourself

Talking about your target audience. When you rebrand your company, you have to keep in mind, that your opinion counts little. If you want a successful rebrand, you have to step into your customer’s shoes and understand what company they want to give money to. A competent branding expert will always make this very clear to you and will guide you through it.

5 Think about what has been working for your company when you rebrand

Which tactics were successful in the past? Have you tried several target audiences and products? Were there images or sentences in your marketing campaigns, that your customers resonated with? Go back in time and play detective! You might just stumble upon one or the other gem. Also: Send all your previous logos and style guides to your branding expert! They might see something you weren’t aware of yet.


6 See where you can combine new and old services

Too many brand names and logos can get very confusing to your audience. You want people to always come back to your main brand. Maybe it’s better to rebrand your company rather than adding or rebranding services.

7 Find your touch points and focus on the most effective

Sometimes it’s hard to keep an overview of how you have reached customers and potential customers in the past (or now). When you rebrand your company you should definitely have a look at all the different campaigns you’ve run, where your logo has been printed or projected, what social media channels you are on and what the following of those is like. You’ll find out things you were never aware of, that can turn your rebranding completely upside down.

8 Research the competition

Obviously we won’t tell you to copy the competition, but it is good to know what works for them and where you can differ and stand out from the crowd. A competent branding expert will help you through this process.

9 Only hire a designer after you figured out what your company stands for

A branding expert will help you define many of these points. But having as much as possible prepared before you hire them, you will save a lot of money and give them an easier time figuring your company out.

10 You might see a decline in customers after the rebrand

It’s something that a competent branding designer will be able to avoid to a big extent, but there’s no denying the big chance of customers jumping ship if they have identified more with your old brand. Likewise you will also attract a lot of new customers when you rebrand your company. It is good advice to be aware of this, though.

11 A company’s brand is more than just pretty pictures, colours and fonts

You will have figured this out already, but having a strong message is the foundation for good branding. A new logo will not be a good investment in your company, if you don’t know what it should stand for.


12 Your in-house designer is good, but never as good as a branding expert

Branding your company is a delicate topic and should not be treated lightly. If you have a designer in your company that’s good. If they know how to work with guidelines by an expert, that’s even better. But ultimately, giving the rebrand of your company into hands that aren’t those of a competent branding expert, you have a high risk of signing your company’s death sentence.

Consider how much it will cost to print all those business cards, T-shirts, posters, signs, ect. Consider how much it would cost if you would have to redo all of this due to a lack of expertise. Consider how much the loss of customers and sales could cost you if you get your branding wrong.

A competent branding expert is the best insurance you can have in the process of rebranding your company. Their cost will seldomly outweigh the cost of failure.

13 Consistency is the foundation of rebranding your company

There is no point in getting help from an expert and then breaking with the concept, every time you post on facebook. You have to live and breath your company’s brand. Otherwise you will not be successful.

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October 4, 2017

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