A fully Transparent Process

You can be part of every step on the way with our visual communication system.

Comment easily on the image and discuss ideas and questions with your designer, right where it matters.

Over are the days of lengthy back and forth email and unclear feedback.

Mood Bord phase

Presenting your company correctly is important to us.

Therefore we will generate a Mood Board together with you to understand your company’s philosophy and where you want to go with the new design.

Your Designer gets Brain Storming

Based on your input on your company’s mood board, your designer will now create a word cloud with images and associations.

From this cloud the designer and you will pick a selection of words which go best with your concept.

Your Designer starts creating

With your mood board and word cloud in mind, we will now start the process of creating your new logo.

The designer will beginn with some (sometimes very) rough sketches that you can pick from. Your designer will always guide you if necessary.

From Paper to Screen

This is where your new logo enters the computer and starts to look professional.

Your designer turns the sketches that you have picked into a collection of vectors. At this stage, the designer will probably still have suggestions for variations of the logo.

It’s your logo after all!

It’s our job to guide and to design for you. That’s what professionals are there fore.

However, in this phase you will have the chance to give us your final comments before the logo gets into it’s final stage.

Be proud of your new logo

After your approval, your designer will prepare a colour, a black and a white version of your logo and render them in all required formats.

It’s done! You just got your new logo and are almost ready to go!

Transferring all the copyrights to you

It would be irresponsible to let you go without setting up a proper copyright agreement.

Without a valid license, you wouldn’t have any legal right to use the logo.

We will make sure that you have all the necessary rights of usage.