We approached the challenge to create Damgaard Coaching’s logo with fresh energy and created our first timelapse video of the entire creation process.
You can watch Robin design in high-speed here:

Mads, the founder, was aiming for a professional look, something stabile and yet moving, that would help make a great first impression on their customers.

We arrived at a solid mountain and the moving, yet permanent ocean, endig up at the great wave off Kanagawa in front of mount Fuji.

He decided the Japan inspired symbol would go well with some of his Asian philosophy inspired methods as well.
We came to the conclusion, that we could bring it one step further, by creating a mental bridge to the sign of Yin and Yang.

The colours were picked by the client, however, yellow does go well with the mountain theme, and grey made a good match for the water. Originally, Mads wanted to go with a much brighter yellow. We recommended to go with a darker shade for visibility reasons.


February 15, 2018